Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Friend

I lost a friend today.

Unable to last the coldness of the night, got drowned from the cold rain. Immediate help is not available. Helpless, no one could understand the mourning I felt at the sight of it. How come nobody ever notice it?

I cried but no tears came out. Shattered, my heart just learned loneliness fill its part. I am awed, I think exaggeratedly mesmerised.. No song can fill the sadness I felt. How much I wanted to rescue my friend but I wasn't there to do it.

Doomed. I had no choice but to route back to my station. Where grieving is not allowed and sympathy is less accepted. It was just so unfortunate that I had to be brave. Time to accept I am alone once again. No time to falter. No time to lay back. How much I wish someone will get me out from the momentary darkness.

For over three weeks now, my friend was my only crying shoulder, my only peace. The little hope I felt is no more of sight. How much I wanted to share moments of silence but I just couldn't anymore.

I wish the sun will shine brightly tomorrow. A chance to get reunited with you again.

To my dearest fire exit friend, I wish that AMG will fix the roof soon. So no raindrops will fall on you and so we can be together once again.

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