Thursday, September 24, 2009

Honest Lies

The biggest and the most repeated mistake any person can make is the denial of pain and rejection.  That’s why you mostly hear the phrases” “it’s okay,” “you’ll get by,” “that’s all right,” “there’s another chance,” etc. There is nothing wrong with this. Being human, you have an unconscious defense of protecting yourself from pain or shame. It’s human nature also to say nice things about failure to make someone better. The only time this turns unhealthy is when you start being addicted to the momentary feeling of comfort.  This leads you to delineate your physical being from thinking rationally and practically.

Like for example when someone is overweight you modestly term it as “healthy” even when your tongue is almost saying “obese”. Or when your friend religiously auditions for a  singing group pretending you don’t hear her being tone deaf and you still aid her the illusion that there will be another group next time. When at the back of your mind, you already plan to offer your novena to get her wish granted. Or you met the ugly frog princess of your friend and utter “she’s really nice” to the question of “How does she look like?”. You assume that just because you get away with it once, you presume everything will be the same as the previous ones. What you don’t realise is that the more you do this, the more you open yourself to greater lies.

Sadly, the big difference between knowing and feeling is invincible to the naked eye. You most of the time know that you’re all already at the tip of falling yet you hopelessly believe that there might be another chance. You quietly deny yourself the truth because you are just either scared to face the truth or you are just too coward to let go.  For instance, you tag your relationship as “it’s complicated” when the term only means not in a relationship. So what?!  You can’t decide whether or not you are in a relationship? Or are you trying to make people believe you are in a relationship but it’s just too complicated to even start with? What you’re actually telling me is that you’re in a quagmire but still thinks it is just fair so.  So what’s the difference between status “it’s complicated” and being single or not in a relationship?  Simple: it’s complicated gives you the delusion that you are in an unsure state of mind whether to stay or not stay in a relationship. In other words, you are honestly cheating yourself. While being single only means you accept being not in a relationship but it gives you the optimism of being happy in the future.

Culture check: Filipinos love to sugarcoat things to stay in a harmonious relationship. Listen: Your heart deserves truth for once.  You once heard Thomas Jefferson say:Honesty is the first chapter to the book of wisdom. Yet you only prove that wisdom does not apply to you.

I remember Paolo Coelho mentioned in one of his novels: “No one can lie, no one can hide anything, when he looks directly into someone’s eyes.” So prevent yourself from the habit of lying.  Try gazing into someone else eyes and begin telling the truth. Stop being nice to someone just because of what they can give or offer. Believe me, they only need an honest and a clean heart from you. You can simply bitch once and get it over with or allow yourself to be deceived and miserable till your next life.

Simply say “I’m not interested” to a man who offers to date you than say you are unavailable and think he’ll stop courting you. Or just say “I’m lazy today” than fabricate your reason for unapproved leave of absence and be found to be roaming around the mall by your supervisor. And be transparent to say STOP! rather than saying "till next time."

It isn’t too late to do it. You not only give enough justice for yourself but also avoid from sinning. In the end you will unravel the difference between an ordinary person and a knight: an ordinary person wears an armour to protect herself.  While the knight wears it to protect and fight for the greater truth.

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