Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sad Realization

I guess, we never really loved each other. At one point, I thought that it was just me who gave the most. Thinking back I now know that we both made a fair fault.

We never had the chance to sit down and chat about our pains. Not once did I remember talking about my dark heart with you. I never remember having a chance confiding with you as comfortable as I am with my other friends. I guess I never really want a piece of my darkness shared with you. I never heard you talk about your life plans with me either. You were too hidden to me as much as I am with you.

Every thing is about happiness when I am with you. No dramas. No flicks. Just all smiles.

So you took me lightly even when I bid my  goodbye. Until you realize it was really the end. 

The first sad story is our last.

Let's not meet again. 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Sagurong at Castilla, Sorsogon

I was born and raised in Manila. Having said that, I have always been deprived of seeing the wonders of nature. That is why, whenever I see beautiful mountains, deep oceans, wide rivers, etc. I am always amazed and my heart is always filled with unexplainable sensation.

Just recently, I went to Bicol to enjoy the beautiful mountain. Little did I know that aside from the perfectly coned mountain, also lies a much more fascinating view of the province. In my visit to Bicol, I went to see some relatives in Sorsogon.

Sorsogon is widely surrounded by waters except in some areas linked to Albay where it is known to be surrounded by mountains. In fact, Sorsogon is known to be the home of the "butanding." In my big adoration to bodies of water, I was introduced to visit a very beautiful spring called "Sagurong."

Sagurong (literal translation Alulod) is located in La Union, Castilla, Sorsogon. It is situated at the heart of the mountain, in an area where you least expect to see a body of water. Before you even get to see the cold spring, you need to take a 300-400m walk to the foot of the mountain. Vehicles (except Motorcycles) are unlikely to enter the area. The bathing area is small that you can compare it to a regular sized swimming pool. The pool area is surrounded by big rocks formed naturally by the mountains with water being filled directly from the heart of the mountain whose temparature is similar to an ice being defrosted from a refrigerator. This is a perfect place to bathe after drenching yourself under the hot sun. The water is very clean and very refreshing.

The area is not commercialized. For Php5 entrance fee, you can use the cottages for free as long as you bring your trash back home. It is an amazing place to swim. And although it is cold, it keeps you from wanting to swim more.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Garfield Nail Art

Kung meron mang isang bagay na katangi-tanging patunay na, ako'y isang pusong bata (child at heart) ay iyon ang walang hanggang pagmamahal ko kay Garfield. Bata pa lang ako nango-ngolekta na ako ng mga Garfield items. Mula sa lapis, pambura, papel, komiks, poster, towel, coin purse, frame, stuff toy, atbp tinatago ko basta orihinal na likha ni Jim Davis (PAWS).

Bagamat wala akong pagkagiliw na nararamdaman sa mga hayop na pusa (hindi cartoons), may kakaibang pakiramdam na makita si Garfield. Siya lang kasi ang karakter na alam kong hindi nagkukunwari. Gutom na kung gutom. Tamad na kung tamad. Pero alam ko na totoo ang pusong ipinapakita nya sa manonood nya. Samahan mo pa na kagaya ko ay napakatakaw nya.

Kaya napakasaya ko talaga ng sa wakas ay may Garfield Nail Art na din ako. Hindi ko man ito maitatago o maku-kulekta, maipagmamalaki kong tatak Garfield na ang kuko ko.
Salamat kay Elaine Joy Ramos (on FB, tips 'n hues) pagkatapos ng isang taon na paghihintay, ayan success story na ang Garfield Nail Art ko.
Sa susunod ibang Garfield design naman ha.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Matthew 18:20

"For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them."

When we pray, we have to be clear with our intentions. While the Lord knows our heart, he needs our desire spoken and heard. When we pray, we have to make sure that the prayer is intended for Him. Sometimes we find our prayers unanswered because we are not clear with what we want. We always think the Lord will understand even if we don't speak. Yes it is true that the Lord knows the desires of our heart, but the Lord answers those who asks.

When we pray, we also have to ask someone to pray for our prayers. For when a prayer is asked by many, He is there to answer it. Just the same when you go to church and you pray for your personal intentions, ask the Lord to grant the prayers of your seatmates (those seated at your front, your sides and your back).

Remember the Lord listens to our prayers. But we also have to take part in our praise and worship in Him. Amen.