Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Beautifully Hidden Blessings

Once again, the country suffered devastation from mother nature. More than physical damages, people suffered emotional turmoil and traumatic experiences. At this stage, NDCC has counted 106 fatalities, 73 of which from Rizal area alone and they are still counting casualties. Since Saturday, we heard a thousand version of stories from different people on how much the typhoon brought damage to their homes and families.

We only see darkness at this stage caused by brownout, no cable TV, poor network coverage, no internet connection and a lot more. There were homeless families, hungry stomachs and what have you's in the world.

We may be saddened and disheartened at this stage. Sorrow fills our heart. While it is indeed difficult to turn our head towards goodness, we have to force ourselves to look towards God's direction.

What happened last Saturday may be a tragic scenario to most of us, but let's look at the greater blessings it brought us. The television had been non-stop in calling for donations and offering help. Government officials has released a multitude of funds to help those people who have suffered from the phenomenon. There were volunteers here and then. And people over the world sending concerns and news over the internet.

Who could ever imagine that in a span of 36 hours, television stations can raise millions of goods and cash to fund the relief operations. How can we describe the hundreds of our younger generations who went out and volunteered their service to those who are in need? Isn't it also rightful to say that God is also looking at us when He showed us that even the rich can also get affected by a natural phenomenon? And while this happened, don't we find it magnificent how energetic those rescuers are in finding casualties even at the most impossible place? Can't we see the warmth of prayers and texts sent to us by our dearest friends? Don't we also realise how strong bonding we have made with our neighbors who has been helping us constantly amidst them needing help as well? And how beautiful do we find everyone constantly praying for those who suffered the most.

Remember: Weeping will be followed by joy (Psalm 30:5). We may be grieving in pain because of the loved ones we lost, the material things gone and the homes we can't go back to. But we also have to count those beautiful blessings sent by God to us.

Gratitude to those who opened property doors to serve as immediate evacuation centres. Deepest thanks to people who stretched their pockets to generously give despite economic crisis. To churches who magnificently offered prayers during masses and services. How wonderful it is for the good hearted NGO's to offer help without even being asked. And don't we find it weird now that our government is cramming to find the solution to this current problem. In the end, this is all about Filipino values being tied back once more.

While we sank in deepest weary, remember that we owe it to God that we are still alive today together with the rest of our family members. He could have easily taken our lives. But see, He spared us his mercy. He has shown us his everlasting love.

It might be pain right now but this might also be His call to draw us all back to him. Let's continue to pray hard for those who are in pain and is suffering that they may learn to let go and move on. God is an ever loving and merciful God. He listens and he fills our heart. All we have to do is call Him and let's not lose faith. Amen.

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