Friday, December 3, 2010

Please Don't

There are only two things I avoid. Please don’t get me wrong, it is not death.

The first thing is surprise. Well, I don’t really hate it, but as much as possible I dont want to meet it. I dont like being caught off guarded. And the idea of being unable to define my next move kills me to death. While people thinks it is a very good avenue of pleasing people, it is I think the worst means if not the best way to put people into shame. Imagine yourself, being unable to plan or depict your next move. In that certain moment jumping, running, screaming or even smiling will no where to be place. And the last thing you know, you lost that moment. Loosing the chance of being able to control that moment. WAAAAH!!!

The next thing is parting. If I avoid getting surprised, more so with parting. It is like crashing my heart into pieces and putting it back with the hope that it will all be the same all over again. It makes my spine shiver and can’t help but shed those tears out from my eyes. I have always enjoyed being tough but in these instances, i just can’t help but to break down. At the back of my head is the wishful thinking that that person leaving will have the best blessings ever. But on the other side, is the pain that things wont be the same anymore.

I prefer goodbyes ending with see you later, or see you around…And I really dont like people saying good bye straight into my face. I’d rather people leave like just an ordinary day, where we need to part for a moment and see each other the next day. I cant stand goodbyes. I’d rather that people just leave a simple note or send a text, than kill me with those surprises telling me personally that parting time here I come…

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