Tuesday, December 7, 2010


You are no longer my friend. I don't want to be your friend either. It took me a while to accept. But now I know things have changed. I now realized how distant we are. Our worlds are different. We are poles apart.

I cannot look at you the same way as before. And I will not allow you to look at me again. There'll never be an opportunity to patch things up. That chance have been forever missed the moment you turned your back on me. Though admittedly I said goodbye first, you were the first one who turned away.

Cast upon a blind eye on me should we meet again. Expect that I shall turn a blank face in return. Just treat this as one last favor. I will never have peace when you're around.

I am ending this year with this farewell. And I will start anew.

This will be my last post in English this year. Until the next pain arise.

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