Saturday, August 11, 2012

Metro Manila Monsoon Floods 2012

Once again, the Philippines got drowned with water. No one was spared. Even the grandest house in the metro have not been immune from the flood. Considering, there was no typhoon. Yet, the damage was more than what a typhoon can create to every household.

Even up to now where rain already subside, flood in the areas of Pasig, Navotas, Malabon, Sta. Mesa, and Recto has remained to be mudwater pool for the citizens. You see people getting sick and still living under the shade of the evacuation areas. You see hungry children forcing themselves to be fed by the relief goods. And you see adults and young adults alike hoping to board their homes again.

We are grateful by multiple foundations so immediate in extending help. How inspiring the young volunteers are in aid of the flood victims. And we can see multiple generous hearts making a sacrifice to give more for those in need.

However you see it, the natural calamity is bringing back the treatment we've done to mother nature. Isn't it ironic that the mud and garbages which entered our flooded house were the same trash that we dumped? Much more, the dirty waters around the metro came from the rivers that we ruined and bashed.

And now everyone else is cleansing hands off this sin. Not a single one of us has said that it was our fault it happened.

I just hope that despite these catastrophes, we find in our hearts to pray forgiveness from the Lord for ruining his creations and thank him for sparing our lives.

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