Monday, August 13, 2012


Exactly one month from now, I am celebrating my 30th birthday. It is kind of nerve-racking because I am now in denial that I've reached this age. While I am not really bothered about getting old, I firmly believe that after this year, I am going to stop counting my age.  Why shouldn't I when I am already losing the numbers in the calendar. Or are you suggesting I start basing it on the numbers from the lottery?

On a serious note, the 30 hard years of my existence made me who I am right now. The past years contributed to my being both for good and bad. As early as now I want to list my top 30 accomplishments in life. The accomplishments which may have impacted the value of  my life.

I will start counting them one by one.

I may not be really at it but to be honest I don't think I've made any accomplishments at all. But anyhow, I have thirty days to list them.

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