Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Fave: Princess Hours (Goong)

Anyhow, I’d like to share with you how much I adore that series. That series was aired early 2006 as an unofficial sequel to Prince Hours aired 2005. Apparently, that series has been a total hit since. A lot of people have been looking for it from the internet and there has been a tremendous increase on the demands of producing a DVD version of it. No wonder, it defeated Full House to a number two spot which has been a favorite of many since it was aired in 2004. records the proof. So you may visit that site to know more. As of present Goong 2 is being filmed, with an expectation that it will be a hit, too.
Everyday, PH’s rating is increasing.( I am sad I can’t site the proof here, ratings site is a friend’s.) Even piracy is a proof for that. In Quiapo–where most pirated copies of that are available–one copy costs for about 300hp-500php, when before it is just sold around 150php DVD9 copy. Checking online markets such

PH was aired on primetime TV at ABS-CBN and ratings showed its growing demand defeating shows of other networks. 
So, what’s actually with PH that most are getting hooked with it? I don’t like getting technical with my blogs, because I do that only when Im pissed with the story…so i hope nobody expects a technical review here, otherwise go to other korean sites,hehe.

PH is a story of a girl turned lady. A woman who desired to express her heart out. A girl who has a pure and innocent heart, whose life and world, because of a judgmental society became so hard to live in. A girl who was forced to mature early to address the demands of her environment. Never scared, she is a woman to look up to. She did not allow herself to be dictated with external pressures, rather made the world know she can have her own way. She stood on what she believed in to protect her dignity and to empower herself. And she is a woman who showed the world that the simplest things in life is what makes people most happy about.

PH is also a story of a man, who because of a traditional, sensitive, naive and closed-minded family was deprived of the happiness he truly deserves. He is a man who learned to be alone. A man who desired to live an island alone, unable to discover that the real great wonders of the world is to open up, love, communicate and be true. He is a man, when, after finding and learning to love embraced it . He is a man who told the world that there is more important thing than fame. A man, who proved the world that it is more manly to be able to stand for what is necessary and right and not just choosing among two options. And he is a man who taught everyone that the essence of being firm and mighty equates the abilty to give up ambitions to be happy.

"And then, the two characters meet..stood up for their dreams. They made a stand to chase after their destiny, not the other way around. And they were successful in telling the world:nobody dictates our own happiness but us alone."
Happy Watching everyone!!!Kansamnida!!!

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