Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Korean, Korean

Have you ever seen a Korean film? Well, if you’re tired of seeing same stories and same concepts of Filipino telenovela, teleseryes and tagalog films, better shift mode now. There’s a lot of promise that awaits u if u try to see Korean films.

Not that im against any local films or series, but id lyk to share to you a good sense of finally looking into another mode of interest and freshening up our tired senses to bright new ideas and culture. 

Although its hard watching and reading captions all at the same tym , this is a new challenge for us to enjoy something new and live a different sphere of colour in our eyes when we watch these films.

Since the stories dont rely on purely betrayals and success after each fall. But among others, it teaches
patience and how to be decisive and sure when falling in love. That is, it’s not on let alone feelings drama that life goes on but on matters of finding the felicity and serendipity of our lives only if we first be sensitive on our surroundings and allow a little or more devotion to our families. It is also a great experience to open our eyes to new cultures and lifestyles, which unknowingly we’ve been criticizing and mistakingly judging, or worse we dont understand at all. Shaping one’s life is not because we cant do anything about it, but it is with pride that these films reminds us that there are hopes and lights reminding us that we have a choice. All we need to do is to stand up for it goad for a brighter YOU! End of it all, the promise of these films is eternity of pure and unconditional love.

For starters, I advise you to begin watching love-comedy Korean films like "Crazy Love." But if you're sentimental and very emotional, try the films "Sassy Girl" and "Windstruck". There are also Korean series that are really promising like Memories in Bali, Spring Day, Full House, Stairway to Heaven, Feel Young, etc. All of which relies in the thing called friendship and family as its foundation. I have several names to advise on but my mind is locked at the moment. But im sure of one thing: Korean films are all enjoyable.

Let’s stop the traditional "langit at lupa" stories or the traditonal "im young and ur old" or the usual everyday siesta stories we get to see. This time, lets see romantic films based not on hard drama but the normal, comedy-serious fantasies of our lives. Best thing about it, you’ll ever feel that you’re in a vacuum, because each film/series introduces new concept and new ideas.

I couldnt express in words the kind of change it brought me when i saw one. But one thing is for sure, the legacy of love continues to unfold only when we let destiny fall into its places.
And to those who haven’t tried it…why are you laughing? Are you scared to try because you might be wrong? Nothing to loose if you’ll try.

Happy Watching! Anyeong!!!

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