Wednesday, April 4, 2012


This is a repost. Just for the heart of it.

Man is an insatiable animal. They never get contented. They have selfish hearts. They have most of the time evil intentions. Vested interests reign in their life. They have worldly desires. They can't get enough.

You give them a fruit and they'll ask for a tree. You give them food and they'll ask for the recipe. You give them a coin but they'll ask for a bill. You give them water, they'll ask for a cola.

You give them a hand, they'll ask to get everything done. You offer them a seat yet will seek a lounge. You give them a ride, they'll find a car. You give them a script after which they'll ask for a book. You give them your heart, they'll ask for your life.

Whatever happen to simple and pure hearts? Wherever did morals and self-less love go? Is understanding too hard to give?

When man ask for something, they must also offer something in return. You cannot ask for something you cannot give. Or you can't demand for something you never did. You cannot point a finger if you also did something like that. We have no right to be choosy. We have no right to qualm. Everything we are now is a result of how we speak and think. How we have become is a result of our ingratitude. Everything is just how it is supposed to be.

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