Tuesday, February 21, 2012

In Memory of Avigail Cardona

I have mentioned this in my previous blogs. There are two things I hate doing in my life: saying goodbye and surprise. The death of my friend Avi came as a surprise to me and is one of the most painful goodbyes I had in this decade.

I met Avi in 2003 in my previous call centre job. Having an equally strong personality as I do, we didn't click immediately. But as the years go by, our common interests became the foundation of our deep-rooted friendship which I must say made impact to my life. We started as a group but ended up with only four loyal and loving friends - Avi, Gladys, Armi and me.

We start our everyday shift by sharing merienda she brings everyday and end up our stressful nights by dropping at McDonald's to ease our burdened hearts. She was outspoken and never fails to correct you if you are wrong. And who would ever forget her "flashlight" eyes when she's upset.

She was my concert buddy: singing til our lungs go out, we never missed a videoke night without singing our national anthem: Through The Fire. She was our bank: she's very frugal to her finances. She was our warrior, a frontliner when we needed a knight to defend us. Avi was my laugh-mate while watching Vice Ganda on stage. She was and she did live her life in its fullest. And she was my friend.

Nine years of friendship is too short for us. So forgive me Avi for I can never say good bye to you. But I am letting you go for you are now with out Saviour. I trust you will be our nearest connection to heaven.

Since you are there, tell the Lord to take care of your dearest ones on earth.

I have never thanked you for everything so I pray that you will read this from heaven. My sincerest thanks for sharing your life with me. I will surely miss you...

I don't intend to see you anytime soon but in God's time let's meet and continue our friendship.

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