Friday, March 12, 2010

Just Lingering

Happiness is subjective. It is dependent to human heart. It varies from all directions and changes everyday. It is never ending and always demanding.

Some people think that yearning for money, food, nice clothes are just some means to display happiness. For people already given with multiple blessings, these are not enough. They undyingly look for something of the ordinary. There are those who look for different types of challenges just to keep or find happiness. While some who just had no way of getting it failed.

Getting odd or even is the primordial building block in one's strife to happiness. And it is not an easy predicament. Investment is necessary --- emotions, intelligence, politics --- just to get to the path where you intend to belong.

So why do people seek happiness despite the ever growing trend of the environment? Why do people stay insatiable despite the invention of needs versus wants technology? I have one answer to that but I certainly think I don't share the same thoughts as many. I only have a simple answer: spirituality can't be fed with physical aspects alone. Being happy meant spiritual growth as well. Growing by your norms, living by standards are some characteristics of a hungry heart. Keeping a mask of what a person should be is by far the greatest cover up we can ever see.

No one needs to rush things to stay happy. No one has to stay challenge to play up with destiny's plan of happiness. And nobody has the right to dictate someone else's happiness.

Let me share you some thoughts: I am currently seeking a partner called happiness. Mind you, I never realised that it could be a real score to look for one. It is hard because it is a test of trial and error. Most of the time it brings heartaches and tears. But I am living by it...staying by it. And I am buying time no matter how expensive it is. Soon in God's time, I shall be ready to embrace it.

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