Monday, January 25, 2010

A Series of Unfortunate Events

I remember Lemony Snicket writing a book of tragedy.   I never thought that being a fan would mean such misfits could happen to me... and mind you it did happen ---- in just a day!!!!

So here's a summary of the unfortunate events that happened to me yesterday which I hope nobody would encounter. I am not proud of it but it could be a dose of laughter or a pill of annoyance.

1. As early as 6AM, I was rushing my way to work. I really have to come in early since I was on leave the previous week I saw one of the two elevators not working and there were too many people waiting for the other lift. Because I don't want to be late, I climbed the stairs by the fire exit all the way to the 6th floor. I was still catching up my breath when the first thing that welcomed my morning is a "Supervisor Call."  Good morning everyone!!!!   Congratulations!!!!!

2. Bad hairdo had always been my problem. I went to the rest room to fix my hair. My comb fell down so I had to bend a bit to pick it up, unfortunately my mobile phone dropped from my narrow pocket. When I picked it up, I placed it near the sink so it could be safer. Well, dropping my phone isn't very has always been a habit.

   I decided to wash my hands. I was rubbing my hands so hard that my elbow touched my mobile phone and it fell off the sink!!! WTF!!! My phone suddenly had a bath that it didn't ever want. It took me nearly three hours to dry it up! I nearly thought that I'll be changing phones again (it should have been my third in a year).

3. After facilitating my team meeting, my agent noticed that my pants is dirty. When I looked at it, I found that I seated on something really dirty!!! Damn! I had to take off my pants to clean it....

4. After my shift, I went to Quiapo to get my (previous) team's jacket. The shop told me I can get it by 2p. I got off the bus thinking I am already at  my destination. Then I realized I am still three blocks away from it and I had to walk streets by streets to get there. What the hell is wrong with me today?

5. Finally when I arrived at the shop, I realised the shop is close. I saw a tenant and told me the owner's not there! I called the owner and was told the jacket isn't ready yet. WTF!!!!

6. I hurried off to Makati because I still have to go dinner with office friends. I didn't know where we are eating and so I asked for directions. They sent me a not so clear directions which made me got lost. And again, I had to walk to reach the place!!!

7. After dinner, I hurried my way home. Then I realised, I forgot to send the daily report at work. I'm sure I'll be dead again at work.

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