Sunday, November 15, 2009

Where I Left My Heart At

Yesterday, November 14, I went to U-Belt to arrange on something. Like my usual routine, I walked my way to my destination from Quiapo. After passing through Recto I realised a lot of things already changed. Some establishments have been changed by another. It was a surprise that those changes were mostly for the better. Hmmmm.... the only constant thing is change!

I passed by Morayta where my Alma Mater is located. FEU looks magnificent now. The new building extravagantly describes the university's passion for architecture and art. It didn't surprise me though that there were more street vendors now than before. Believe it or not, I was never a fanatic of street food but college years will be incomplete without it. Which student would miss it? If I wasn't on a diet, I wouldn't hold back in tasting those street foods again: hotdogs, kwek-kwek, fish balls, footlong, corn on a cob, banana cue, turon, etc. Yummy! But maybe another time.

I continued walking and found more students going the same direction I do. I suddenly felt being one of them. Seven years ago, I was walking the same rushing steps as they did. Going to computer shops to rush reports and do some print outs. Having the cheapest book binds by the nearby photocopy shop. Bumming around while waiting for the next class. Going to a friend's apartment to eat lunch or spend afternoon siesta. Or just mocking passersby to keep time running.

Student life. College years. Who could ever imagine that life will flow this fast? Seven years ago, I was rushing my way out of the university to the corporate world. But now, I'd like to turn back time to spend it back to school. I suddenly missed going to the library to research SCRA. I wanted to read the oldest books from the Filipiniana section again. Go up the 5th floor of the Law Building that has no elevator to attend one of my major class. I missed scholarly discussions with my professors. Ask out of the world questions during when I forgot to study my lessons. Come in late to class and get away with it. Or even debate my classmates to stop the surprise quiz from happening. How I long to go to the Freedom park. See mass at the chapel. Oh, how I missed being a college student again.

Now I am starting to get crazy and lost again. If I am feeling this emptiness for a time worth spent college years, how then will I manage to drift from the memories of my graduate studies life? The path I failed to complete or should I say I am delaying to complete.

I suddenly felt going to UP again. Walk my way from Asian Centre to the main library and back to do long research. Borrow books which I always rush to complete reading. Even sweat and tired, I long to see the NCPAG library one more time to hand write my papers. Eat at the College of Law Cafeteria after a day of research at the library. I loved waiting at the Romulo Hall grounds for my class to start.  Eat isaw or drink buco juice at the shopping center. I miss seing the beautiful  Film Centre and walk towards the College of Music for nothing. And before I forget its been quite a while since I've tasted Devil's Food Cake from Chocs and Kisses.

It's shameful to admit but I have to. This path I am now is difficult to pass through because my heart is not there. I left it somewhere else.

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  1. I feel you!

    Everything's happening so fast. It'a all a blur. I wish I can go back to those days when all I worried about were grades and allowance.