Monday, February 14, 2011

A Sad Story

Once there were two high school students. A young boy and a young girl. They were always together and have been very good friends. They were not in love or anything like that, or at least. In fact, one of them treats the other as “best friend.”

The young boy was older than the girl. They would do anything for each other. The guy would dare ask the girl to do something and she would gladly do it. In return, he would seek to exchange his bargain to another favor. They spend school day together and would extend the day by going on long phone calls. Damn, no mobile phones yet at that time! The girl would sneak on one of her PE class to spend a badminton game with the guy and that sacrifice is untold until now.
They had nothing to fear and nothing to lose. Until year end breaks. They seem to be happy during the early years of parting: constant communication and gigs here and there. But age was so crucial that they ended up losing no chance.

Ten years after they meet again, unexpectedly. The girl is now a full-blossomed woman. Her environment changed everything in her except her heart. The boy, now a man has succumbed to the changes of his world. And everything about him before is now a history.

They are now both of age. But with different priorities. They tried to set foot to each others world but of no luck. Until the time when judgment calls it a day.

The guy formally asked the lady and she was caught off-guard. It was just that and the remaining days were blank. Nothing happened and everything was left unanswered.

Two months after, the guy held the woman in his arms. But it was now a different woman. For waiting is not another option — again.